2011 – G.D. Luxembourg – LX

In 2011 the LLDXT team travelled to Wiltz in G.D. Luxembourg. Not a real rare DX location, but far more “wanted” then our own LowLands.

The trip to LX is a 4 hour drive so this opened up options to do something extra. As the IARU VHF contest was on during our stay we decided to bring also a VHF station and to be active between 160 and 2 meters, all-modes.

The Team:

  • Alex PA1AW
  • Ron PA3EWP
  • Dennis PA7FM
  • Jo PA9JO
  • Anita (YL of PA7FM)

In 2010 the LLDXT visited Jersey for the first time. LLDXT members were accompanied by Tom GM4FDM and Gordon GJ3USR, both long time friends from the team.


Onfortunately the original website was lossed but we gladly share the pictures with you:

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