1997 – The Caribbean Tour – St. Lucia (J6) and Tobago (9Y)

This is a copy of the original 1997 website

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The Caribbean Tour 1997

During the 1997 Caribbean Tour the islands of St. Lucia (J6) and Tobago (9Y) were activated on all amateur radio frequencies.
This Website contains all relavant information related to this tour and have been kept up to date on a daily basis to serve the DX community.
During the tour there was constant feedback with the crew on tour in the Caribbean to ensure the latest details and logs were available to the DX community
Please feel free to have a look around this site for more details.

73′ Alex PA3DMH
Webmaster 1997 Caribbean Tour


August 9th, 1997 the 1997 Caribbean Tour was officially started by underlisted announcement made to all relevant Internet Reflectors and DX-outlets:

Peter PA3BBP, Rob PA3ERC and Ronald PA3EWP are proude to announce the Caribbean Tour 1997. Based on our big success of last year on FG,J7 and FM this year we will visit the following islands:

ST.LUCIA – J6 (IOTA: NA-108)
21 August – 30 August
Calls: J6/PA3BBP, J6/PA3ERC and J6/PA3EWP.
Might become J68BP,J68RC and J68WP.
QTH: Cap Estate

TOBAGO – 9Y4 (IOTA: SA-009)
30 August – 11 September
Calls: 9Y4/PA3BBP, 9Y4/PA3ERC and 9Y4/PA3EWP
QTH: Pigeon Point

We will have 2 stations on the air from 160-10 meters and will be active in the modes CW, SSB and RTTY. We will also try to work some Satellite RS-12. We will focus mainly on the WARC bands and the low bands for Europe during their grayline. Both locations will have an excellent take off to the US and Europe.

A special Internet Web Page will be setup again like last year with the url: http://www.igr.nl/users/pa3dmh/tour1997.html
This page will contain daily uploaded logs and digital images of the expedition. Special wishes can be send to Alex PA3DMH the Webmaster of this page. We like to make as much contacts as possible however WE DO NOT ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO WORK US DOUBLE !

For all above calls Rob PA3ERC will be the QSL manager.
QSL’s can be send via the buro or direct to:
Rob Snieder
Van Leeuwenstraat 137
2273 VS Voorburg
The Netherlands

The Caribbean Tour 1997

During the tour this page contained the team members diary and other daily updated additional tour related information.


August 8 Official notification to the DX community of the 1997 Caribbean Tour
August 13 Final confirmation from Mr. Mason at the St. Lucia telecon office that calls will be J6/PA3ERC, J6/PA3EWP & J6/PA3BBP.
August 21 21/08/97

· 10.30 Amsterdam-Barbados
· 13.30 Arrival Barabados
· 15.30 Barbados-St.Lucia
· 16.15 Arrival St.Lucia

couldn’t take in the 2 transceivers and antennas. 22/8 the crew Since the Ministry of Communication did not inform customs they will go to Castries to the Ministry to clear this issue. As promised indeed an excellent take of into all directions and plenty of space to put up antenna’s.

August 22 Just to give you the feel of where they are……..    This vacation villa is high in the hills of Cap Estate,  on the extreme northern end of the island. Five minutes to beaches. The living room is air-conditioned  with views down the Caribbean coast. There is a large, open air dining area under roof. Fully equipped kitchen. Tiled floors throughout. Wonderful Caribbean Sea views down coast and out to Martinique.

August 22 · 05.30 They had their first dive in the private swimming pool
· 09.00 Called Ministry of Communications about the equipment issue
· 14.00 Collected customs forms as Ministry of Communications
· 15.30 Collected equipment at customs
· 16.15 Started setting up 2 x R7000+ verticals
· 20.00 Had dinner, a nice big t-bone steak
· 01.40 ERC opened the Caribbean Tour on 40 meters CW with Peter on 80 meters CW.The 160 meter antenna is prepared to be setup 23/08. Propagations where not very good the first night, a lot of static on 80, 40 was not to bad. See logs for details.
August 23 Early in the morning some JA’s are worked on 17 and 20. The 160 meter antenna has been setup, it’s an inverted L. The QRN is terrible on 80 and 160, it’s very hard to copy Europe on 80. On 160 we only worked one VP2 station, the antenna for 160 is functioning but the receive part needs to be improved. 24/08 the possibilities of a beverage will be investigated, the space is the problem. Just before dinner we had a very good opening on 30 meters to Europe. Most of the QSO’s are made in CW due to the poor signals.
August 24 The morning propagation where very poor. 
In the afternoon, Ernest J69AZ and his XYL came to the house to pay them a visit.
And in the evening, 5 local hams visited them in the restaurant where they had their dinner. Later that evening the first European station was logged on 160 (G4BWP).
August 25 25/08/97 This morning the band was very poor, no propagation at all. They worked about 50 stations in approx. 5 hours. In the afternoon the propagation improved. Rob J6/PA3ERC worked a lot of Europeans on 12 meters, a very nice pile-up. Later Ronald J6/PA3EWP worked on 15 meters also a lot of Europeans. It doesn’t matter which mode, cw and ssb on the same qrg is no problem for them. The first RTTY qso’s are made. Only 20 stations made it in the rtty-log. It was very difficult, many stations don’t know what UP2 means. They were calling all the time on our qrg instead of up.
August 26 Today was a sunny and hot day. Again in the morning poor propagation. They had some time to optimise the antenna situation. For twelve meters they made a dipole, to be able to work on 10 and 12 meters at the same time. Last night during the European greyline, they heard a lot of stations calling, but could not get the calls, because of the static. therefore they made a short beverage of 100m, more or less pointing north. This hopefully will improve their reception on the low bands.
August 27 The receiving antenna improved the receiving part but the qrn is still to hard to have a decent copy of the weak European stations. In the morning bad propagations again. Early in the afternoon some USA activity was heard on 10 meters, only one station was worked. Later in the afternoon they did some RTTY on 20 meters and worked some Europeans. It looks like that working RTTY, when it’s busy, is harder then working cw or ssb pile-ups! Later in the afternoon 12 and 10 meters opened to Europe. Hopefully the sun-flux stays this high. Early in the evening we had a nice run to JA on 17 meters CW. For several hours during the night they tried to work USA on 40 SSB but only 10 stations are worked. The Europeans on 40 SSB did better, about 100 are logged. 80 SSB is almost impossible due of the heavy QRN but they keep on trying. Tomorrow we will try to do 10 meters cw.
August 28 The team suffered their first day of very bad propagation to Europe. High QRM and QRN levels on all bands. RTTY worked out well, so did 40 SSB to USA
August 28 More than 100 rtty qso’s were made on 20 meters by Peter. Propagation on the higher bands was very poor. Only a few Europeans were worked on 10 and 12 meters, mostly Southern-Europe.
August 29 During the day they have made an Island tour with J69AZ and XYL. There were a lot of nice places on the Island. Around 22.00Z they were active again for a few hours. They all went to bed early, they were tired.
August 30 In the morning a few qso’s were made. At 13.12Z Peter J6/PA3BBP made the last qso from St.Lucia on 12 meters. They finished their dx-pedition with 7.105 in the log.
09.00 taking down the dipoles and wire-antenna’s
10.00 taking down the verticals
12.00 Taking the last swim in their swimming-pool and have their last cocktail at J6.
13.30 J66AZ take them to the airport
14.00 Meeting at the airport with Perry Mason (Telecommunication officer)
14.45 Leaving St. Lucia
15.30 Arriving at Barbados
17.45 Leaving Barbados after 1 hour delay
19.00 Stop at Greneda
19.45 Arriving at Tobago
20.30 Arriving at the house
Despite of several warnings of radio amateurs who have been on Trinidad and Tobago before they haven’t any problems bringing in equipment because all licenses were arranged in advance. After arriving at the house they had a dinner and the first vertical was assembled. Because it was already dark they decided to continue setting up the station early next morning. Tired of the journey to went early to bed.
August 31 At 6.30 Peter woke up and checked out the area surrounding the house. One hour later Ronald and Rob joined him. Within 3 hours they had the 2 x R7000’s ready to go. At 16.55Z The first QSO was made on 20 meters by Rob 9Y4/PA3ERC, what a long call hi. In the first 4 hours 1100 QSO’s were logged! Listening to the pile-ups we have the feeling that many amateurs need 9Y4.
Sept 01 Propagation this morning was not so good. Rob and Peter made some RTTY qso’s on 20 meter. At the end of the morning they made a little tour to the Northern part of the Island. In the afternoon Ronald worked his first rtty pile-up on 15 meters during the good opening to Europe. The 160 meter vertical has finished, it goes approx. 10 meters up in a tree and the 30 meters horizontal part is going to a coconut tree also 10 meters high. We will see what happens during the gray-line.
Sept 02 The first 160 meter QSO’s are logged. Receiving is again the problem. Only OH3ES was worked from Europe. In the afternoon 10 and 12 meters opened to Europe. Lots of people must be happy again. In the afternoon they have setup a 100 meter long beverage antenna into the direction of USA/Europe. Hopefully that will improve the reception on 160 meters. The 9Y crew asks everybody to spot them on your local PacketCluster, that really gives the pile-ups a boost. The crew enjoys reading the daily guestbook, keep on coming with comments of stories, they have plenty of time reading them in the morning while they are listening to noise.
Sept 03 Around 07.00Z was a nice opening to Europe on 20 meters, about 40 stations were put in the log. The beverage performed outstanding on 80 meters, without the beverages they could not work half of them due of the heavy qrn. They were today very active on RTTY, at this moment more than 300 qso’s are logged. In the beginning of the evening they worked some USA stations with strong signals on 10 and 12 meters, but there was not much response.
Sept 04 17 Europeans are logged on 160 meters this night, the beverage is doing a great job. Also about 80 QSO’s on 80 meters were added. On 30 meters they were trying to work some Oceania after the European gray-line but this was made impossible because of the constant qrm of European stations who kept on calling. After the grayline it was possible to work EU and OC on 20 meter phone. At 07.00Z the switch was turned off and only a few OC were left on the band. In the morning they had a slow start again as usual. In the afternoon mostly 17 and 20 were activated. They also had a visit of Peter 9Z4CR a local ham from the area. They don’t operate HF because they think the bands are not open and therefore only operate 2 meters! They don’t know what they are missing on the HF bands. Only one local Tobago 9Y ham operates cw and only works new countries, he doesn’t like pile ups, so that explains the big pile ups the Dutch guys are having. Nearly 6000 QSO’s are now logged from 9Y.
Sept 05 In the morning the propagation was very poor as usaly. 12 and 10 meters was open to EU. Peter worked several stations in CW and SSB. On 17 meter serveral JA’s were logged in phone by Ronald.
Sept 06 They fixed the beverage, somebody has stolen the radials. There were a lot of RTTY qso’s made, Peter worked many stations on 15 meter also. Rob put the first 10 meter RTTY qso in the log. The higher bands were very good open, Rob worked a lot of stations on 10 and 12 meters. The propagation on 160 and 80 meter was not so good as usually, they logged less than 10 stations on 160 meter. There were not much qso’s logged on 40 and 80 meters ssb because there was a fieldday contest which made the bands noisy.
Sept 07 They did again a lot of RTTY on 20 and 15 meters. Also on 15 meters SSB a lot of USA stations were logged. In the evening Ronald did some 40m SSB, about 25 USA stations made it to the log. The team reached the 9000 QSO’s today.
Sept 08 The band was very noisy on 80 and 160 meter, a few Europeans were logged on 160 meter. On 20 meter at approx. 05.30Z the VK/ZL stations were very strong as usual but none of them seems to need 9Y on 20m. They are all involved in local conversations. In the afternoon the higher bands seems to be opened. They worked a lot of Europeans on 10 and 12 meters (the high solar-flux >100 has a lot of influence on the propagation on the higher bands, they may be very lucky with the good propagation).
Sept 09 They were active in RTTY on 40 and 80 meters for the USA, but no RTTY signals were heard, maybe this evening?! Rob worked 30 Europeans on 160 meters! This must have been the opening people are waiting for, they had no static but there was a lot of qsb. On 80 meters Ronald could not use the beverage in combination with 160 meter, so it was very difficult to copy any station on the vertical. The first RS-12 qso is in the log with WB2EZI (maybe also the last one). RS-12 could only be worked during the night, after the gray-line to Europe or during day-time when the higher bands are open. They preferred the higher bands instead of working RS-12 (sorry guys). During day-time they made a tour on the Northern part of the Island and were not active at all.
Sept 10 Today the team made a tour around the island. The island is not very big, but in the north/west there is a bad piece of road which took a long time. In the evening most time was spend on 40 and 80 meters, and the 10000 qso barrier is passed.
Sept 11 The band opened rather late today, at 2200Z the 11000 QSO barrier is passed. The antennas for 160 meter and the 40 meter vertical are removed so only the 2 Cushcraft verticals and the beverage are left for the last night. For the first time during their stay on Tobago the European SSB signals on 80 meters were above noise level and about 25 stations made the log, it’s a pity not more stations were listening, then more station could have been worked. The end is coming, they tried to do some funny things like RTTY on 40 and 80 meters but nobody was listening. The pile-ups are decreasing which is the indication that most of the stations are worked and that gave the team a good feeling. It’s time to go home. They are all very tired of the intensive job they had to do, but they did it with devotion and pleasure. The Caribbean Tour 1997 was closed by 9Y4/PA3ERC at 1100Z. At 1500Z the team left Tobago to Barbados to catch the flight to Amsterdam.
Sept 12 After a trip of 20 hours the crew arrived savely and well at their homes. They have been in the last 20 hours in: 9Y, J3, 8P, 9V and PA. There were all-ready more than 100 cards received at Rob’s place (see picture) . At Peters and Ronalds place there in total approx. 50 cards received (mostly qsl-cards of 9Y).
Febr. 13 The final edition of the Website created




More picture are here

The Caribbean Tour 1997 Crew

Name Peter
Experience HB0/PA3ERC, VP5/PA3EWP, VP5C, FG/PA3BBP, TO5C, J77C, J79BP, FM/PA3BBP
Extensive contest experience at PI4COM, PA6WPX, PA6HQ
Mode CW, some RTTY, SSB
Profession Airplane Mechanical Engineer at KLM, Dutch Royal Airlines
Email  petervv@knoware.nl



Name Rob
Experience HB0/PA3ERC, VP5/PA3ERC, VP5C, FG/PA3ERC, TO5C, J77C, J79RC, FM/PA3ERC
Extensive contest experience at PI4COM, PA6WPX, PA6HQ
Mode CW, some RTTY, SSB
Profession Network Specialist
Email   pa3erc@muurkrant.com



Name Ronald
Experience HB0/PA3ERC, VP5/PA3EWP, VP5C, FG/PA3EWP, TO5C, J77C, J79WP, FM/PA3EWP
Extensive contest experience at PI4COM, PA6WPX, PA6HQ
Mode SSB, some CW & RTTY, Satellite
Profession Networking & System Specialist
Email  rstuy@simac.nl


The Caribbean Tour 1997 QSL

The QSL Manager for this tour is : PA3ERC

BURO or direct to the underlisted address:

Rob Snieder PA3ERC
Van Leeuwenstraat 137
2273 VS Voorburg
The Netherlands

The Guest book

During the active period of the Website it was possible to sign the 1997 Caribbean Tour Guest book. All comments, questions and suggestions about the tour and this Web site were warmly welcomed and forwarded to the 1997 Caribbean Tour team on a daily basis.

This is a summary of input received :


Date  From  Feedback
Nov-27 PU7IDY Man ! You guys are awsome ! PI4 COM is really impressive, by all the stuffs (Antennas and everything else) and the homepage also. Congratulations !!!
Nov-19 N8ZSG Haven’t worked you but enjoyed you web page. George (Pete) Dibble, N8ZSG
Oct-23 OE2GEN A real good job boy’s, also nice Homepage, I put it on my hotlinks-page! 73 de Gerald
Oct-22 KC1YF Music doesn’t sound real…. I must not be used to it…
Oct-13 WA9HMN Thanks for new ones on 17 and 12 meters. Also, very nice web page. 73, John WA9HMN
Oct-12 DL5NEJ Great stats and photos!
Sept-29 KE4ZQD Found you via the RTTY reflector – Great site! Sounds like y’all really enjoy the hobby.
Sept-23 N1SNB Thanks guys for J6 on two new bands! You guys did a fantastic job, thanks alot Jeff
Sept-14 PA3DUU Well done !!!!! Bedankt
Sept-14 ON4BDS Leuke expeditie kerels. Ik heb m’n IOTA-fun gehad in Frankrijk dit jaar. Tot met de CQ WW!
Sept-14 KJ7GU Thanks for the new countries on RTTY!!
Sept-13 I4EWH Beautifoul site!
Sept-12 EA3CB Thans very mutch for a several new countries in several bands/modes,and congratulations for the very,very good j ob !! John / EA3CB Vicepresident of LYNX DX GROUP
Sept-13 PA3CNI perfect!
Sept-13 IK1GPG Magnificent activity like always. Congratulations.
Sept-13 PY2BW Congratulations on that. Three good and friendly operators put J6 and 9Y4 on all HF bands and all modes. Despite the bad propagation they logged on a lot! 73 Egon
Sept-12 JR5XPG Thanks for contacting with me on many times from J6 and 9Y4 land. I got some new one for my DXCC, for example rtty. I will send QSL-cards soon. Hope to see you on your next trip. All the best to you and your family. de JR5XPG ex VK9PG Hide Uemura
Sept-12 AC4RD What a WONDERFUL web site! The pictures are spectacular–you must have had a great time in the Caribbean! The site is very nice–good layout, easy to move around, lots of interesting pictures/graphics. Very good, OM! I’m surprised not to find myself in the log but I guess it was a “broken call” or something; I didn’t need 9Y anyway, and it was still a pleasure to have worked one of your group. Congratulations on your fine website, and on what looks like a GREAT DXpedition! Vy 73! –Ken
Sept-12 VO1WET Great site looks like you had a fun expedition gd, luck es best 73 de vo1wet
Sept-12 PA3ERC Hello All! We returned save in Holland. The first pile with QSL’s are already received … We had a great time, we hope you enjoyed it as well. Thanks for all the nice comments, it was most appreciated. A detailed storey will follow soon. 73 de Rob J6/PA3ERC, 9Y4/PA3ERC
Sept-12 ON4CEL Tnx for the many contacts we made. Just one question…if I work J6/PA3ERC and later J6/PA3BBP is that a dupe or not…? tnx again Frank, ON4CEL
Sept-12 DL1LQA Thank you for your nice working on all bands. Special thanks for the possibility to log-search via internet. I hope to see you again at the next DX-pediton.
Sept-12 OE1EVA Thanks for a new one for my IOTA. Great operation, marvellous homepage! Hpe to cuagn next year.
Sept-12 ND5S I had already signed your page but just had to sign on again. Your operation is over and I want to thank all the ops involved. You were a very professional operation with extremely good ops. It was also obvious that you very carefully listened to pull out the weak ones. I work PJ8/ND5S each Winter from St.Maarten and I know what things sound like from that end. I sure hope you enjoyed your operation as much as we enjoyed it here. I hope to work you again in the future. Very best of 73. Ron
Sept-12 N2US Nice job with expedition and this web site.
Sept-11 N7MQ Nice job on the air; and this is one of the best Home pages I have ever seen. Vy 73 de Mark N7MQ
Sept-11 EA2CLU Congratulations Guys, for the very nice job on the pile-ups and also for your help when I asked change the mode.SSB to CW Thanks very much!! 73 de Jose EA2CLU
Sept-11 DL4OCM Hello Guys thanks for nice operation and new Band Points a lot for me .. 9Y J6 See you on our next trip 73 de Thomas
Sept-11 N1TM SUPER JOB!!! Many thanks for the contacts and several new band countries. Hope everyone had an enjoyable time CU IN CQWW !! 73 Tom
Sept-11 W9UV Thanks for many qsos and a new country on 80m. Good job all around!
Sept-10 K8CX Im glad you had a great time in the Caribbean. How can you miss. Hope to work you again. 73…Tom…K8CX…
Sept-10 PA0ADP Hardstikke mooi om jullie bezigheden te zien in internet. Ik hoop jullie alsnog te werken . 73, Ad
Sept-10 IK8VRQ Tnx for CW QSO in J6 and 73.. Ciao. Angelo.
Sept-09 VY2CC Supper signals on all bands, and doing a great job in the Pileups. Keep up the good Work. 73-Wendell.
Sept-09 G3VMW Nice page guys and thanks for the CW QSOs.
Sept-09 AG5W Good quality signals and handling of pile ups.
Sept-09 WU1F Just a note of real thanks to you and the guys on the expedition ….I think they must be tired of working me ….10+ times from 9Y4 and 6 times from J6 but it was a real pleasure to work them and see the use of technology employed to keep us all up to date on what was going on …..wish they had that for the 5A28 hi …. Everyone on the team helped ….. EWP is great ….. work him SSB and then CW on the same freq …. yes they were very accomodating to all who asked. Well enough about the ops …. you still get the MVP for the dx-pedition …. Best 73’s / DX / Webmastering de Joel WU1F
Sept-09 KF9ZZ You have the best DXpeditions sites I’ve seen.
Sept-09 N9SW Wonderfully complete presentations! It is a joy to share your memories in the making, as well as past accomplishments!
Sept-09 K4TT good operation! Very easy to work and on the air a lot.
Sept-09 VY2RU Nice job and great pics!
Sept-09 I1JQJ I congratulate you all on your excellent and useful web site and on another great operation. Best 73, Mauro.
Sept-09 IK0HBN very interested in your Log Search feature: I would like adding it to my page. See all you in next contests
Sept-09 NC9T You have a great page here. Altho some of the pic tures were slow to load…cud be the time when I checked in was busy (lots of traffic) Keep up the good work!! 73, Dan, NC9T
Sept-09 K6FG Thanks for the fine operation and the Web Site 73, Mark
Sept-09 K8SIA Enjoy chasing the tour on the low bands. Doing a fine job. 73 Jim
Sept-08 VE3RFV 73 es gd dx
Sept-08 K4LQ Enjoyed working your team. Have lived in both St.Lucia and Trinidad, so am very familiar with the locations.
Sept-08 VE3UOL As usual, great DXpedition. Hope you are enjoying 9Y4: probably the best kept secret in the Carribean
Sept-08 DL4OCM Hello nice work , bud i have one QSO more in my LOG pse check 9Y4/PA3BBP 5.9 19:58 cw 24 MHZ 73 de Thomas
Sept-08 PA3BUD Ziet er mooi uit! Complimenten hoor! 73
Sept-08 ON7BJ Prachtige expedite,bedankt voor de new ones…. vooral in CW. Tot volgend jaar?????
Sept-08 PY2NQ They came here for us putting a great signal. Thanks for the great job and hope to work them all bands. 73’s Joao
Sept-08 WD4JRA Excellent operation, Excellent web site !! Thanks for the hard work on Low bands. Last few nights 160 signal has been very good. — 73
Sept-08 VY2RO An excellent operation and great web pages – THANKS for the new one on RTTY
Sept-08 W8LU Tnx new one on RTTY from 9Y4 73, Ken W8LU
Sept-08 PA3EZC heel veel succes en veel plezier voor de resterende tijd daar.
Sept-08 OK1DSZ Thanks for new country on 40m (9Y).Nice www page, good pictures.
Sept-08 KP4RF Its look colorfull. By the way if you stop in Puerto Rico, please send us a e-mail.
Sept-07 HK3SG Lastima que no los pueda trabajar puesto que el vientto se llevo mi TH&DDD y mi monobanda de 40Mts, pero no sobra decirles que tengan mucha suerte y muchos QSO’s. 73 de Siso, -HK3SGP
Sept-07 W2IJB Beautiful operation! Especially appreciated the abundant use of RTTY. Worked you on 20 mtr rtty from home in NY with only a dipole. Worked you on 15 and 20 mtr rtty from ham shack in Vermont. Tobago is new one for me on rtty and your efficient operation is greatly appreciated. Hope you had fun!
Sept-07 PA3FCD Zeer leuke en informatieve site!
Sept-07 G3SED Thanks for several new countries on the LF bands – you have done a great job. Can I come next time ??? HI! DXpeditions are fun I have operated as JY8ED,V31RD,9m6/G0SMC,CE1/G4SMC,LU/G0SMC. Best wishes to all of you 73’s MIKE
Sept-07 PY1BNE Congratulations all operators !! I worked in 14 and 18 Mhz CW !! Thanks again, 73 ! extensive !
Sept-07 HK3BZO Tnx fer giving us the opportunity of having J6 and )Y4 confirmed in RTTY
Sept-06 PA3DKC Klasse heren, petje af. Ondanks mijn zwakke signaaltjes werd ik er feilloos uitgeplukt. OOk de internetservice is uit de grote kunst. Succes daar nog Peter, Rob en Ronald. 73 de Jaco
Sept-06 G3VBL Sorry to hear about your difficulties with Europe. It’s a real problem even on CW these days (like 30m) Enjoy! Chris G3VBL/8P9EM
Sept-06 K7EX sorry to miss you at J6 but you gave me a new one or RTTY at 9Y4. Thanks… Good multi-band effort.
Sept-05 F5NZO Congratulation to the team for your trafic …. I am in the log J6 and 9Y…. Best 73 Good luck to the very good manager for the big work after the tour 97 …. I know the job Congratulation for the site and good music 9Y and J6 on RTTY 9Y on 40 SSB J6 on 18 and 24 SSB and other thanks to heard me Didier
Sept-05 JR5XPG Thank you very much for giving me new countries. These are new one for my RTTY DXCC. I hope to see you on 17m from 9y4 land soon. Take care on your tour. I wish you all the best. Also see you from your home. 73 DE JR%XPG HIDE
Sept-05 PA0EHF Fantastic to have this RTTY qso on 15m between all the US. Just a 3 meter vertical on my balcony and 100 Watts from a FT-990. Good luck and thanks for new country with RTTY. You were on the OH2BUA DX-cluster. Home from DXPRESS! 73, Albert
Sept-05 4Z4DX just to say you are realy profesionals if its possible pse send me my qsls automaticaly via the bureau. t n x for t w o new r t t y countries s h a l o m de d o v 4 z 4 d x
Sept-05 HB9AGH Glad to work you from each island once! with 75 W and GP
Sept-05 W1TO I thought I had a good qso on 160 cw at 02:54 on 2 Sept., but not in log. Should I try again?
Sept-05 9Y4NW I worked 9Y4/PA3GWP on 17mtrs. The first time I worked a”local” on 17mtrs. Keep up the good works. Neil
Sept-05 KB3PC Thanks for being there. Your work is appreciated. John
Sept-04 N9AG/J68AS I see that the J6DX secret of Panorama Villa has been discovered! I hope that you enjoyed the beautiful place as much as we do, and that Lydia treated you well. Meeting Ernest, J69AZ, is something to be savored. He and his wife are delightful. Did you meet Givan, J69AC, or Clem, J69C? You should have contacted one of the J6DX crew -our beams are available to “approved” visitors. Are the roads in Cap Estate still so bad? Too bad you did not experience the road from Hewanorra Airport… 73!
Sept-04 SM5AYY Very nice to see all. But now too late I saw that you missed part of my call. (aug 24 at 03.43). Guess I had to wait until your next trip there!! I heared you many times so you must had a good time with many QSOs. I found this page frm 425DX 73/stig
Sept-04 KI6T Got PA3BBP at 9Y4 on 30 meters last night. Nice catch. KI6T.
Sept-04 K7GT Neat page. I just worked 9Y4/PA3EWP last night on 40 cw and it is already inthe log!! Super. May I request that the QSLs made up have either or both latitude/longitude and grid square location? It would help me toward another award (besides 40m cw DXCC !!) I got the page info from a friend W1HIJ I am in daily email contact with. 73 and tnx Grant K7GT Pleasanton CA USA
Sept-04 W1HIJ Tnx for the J6 QSO, I’ll be looking for you from 9Y4, 73/DX, Bill
Sept-04 OZ8ABE Hi What a nice home page, log search works super. 73’s de Bo
Sept-04 DL4OCM #1 :Hello nice work today i worked 9Y on 80 m new one the log server is not in use .. i get only log search from J6 Log !! something wrong i whant search the log of DL4OCM LX1DA and DF6VI so pse info 73 de Thomas
#2: Hei now all ok , was a mistake on my side or server .. all QSO s ok tnx fer new BP.. 30 80 15 .. 73 de Thomas
Sept-04 DL7RAG Thank you for a new country on 80 and 40m ( 9Y4 ). It´s not always easy to work DX on 80 and 40m with my 100W and the 8 band groundplane, but with that excellent operation from the Operators it seems to be an easy way. vy 73, Heinz, DL7RAG …. cu
Sept-04 K2EWB Many thanks for the contacts. Have a safe trip Home. 73, Leon
Sept-04 DL6RDE/AA1KD up to now: worked 9y/pa3erc on 2 bands good going see ya
Sept-04 K9VV Van avond heb ik 9Y/PA3BBP gewerkt op 40m CW. Een paar kHz vlaakbij was Frank 9Y4VU. Ik wet het niet waroom, maar Frank komt 3 S-units boven BBP. Hogh SWR misschien? Cheers,
Sept-04 K3SX ex K3SME Found it in The Daily DX Bulletin 160 is very noisy still here Thanks for the GREAT job! 73,Sid
Sept-04 VE3YGN Wkd J6/PA3EWP 08-29-97 @ 0437 UTC on 3502 80m CW; don’t see the entry on your logs. Help! Thx for confirmed QSO with 9Y4/PA3BBP on 09-03-97! Lucky you – some QTH! Best 73s and gud dx! de VE3YGN
Sept-03 W1CQC Nice job…..
Sept-03 HJ3PXA great dxpedition ,, waiting for your next tour ( grenada, desecheo, etc..
Sept-03 KB2OGI Worked you on RTTY ON BOTH Islands! Good signals all the way. Thanks for the contacts and have fun Stay out of the hot sun!
Sept-03 EA6NB Good site,will look for you on 160.
Sept-03 DK2GZ Hi Alex, thanks for the Info per email. Checked agn my j6 qso on 80. There may be also some mistakes in the logging. Worked pa3ewp at 29.08 4.32 and tried it again at 5.09 because he dont logged my call ok.(DK2GG) But it doesnt matter j6 on 80 still confirmed here. They have a better signal from 9y4 as from j6. 73 de Harry, DK2GZ
Sept-03 DL2FAG Nice operation! hope to meet you from 9y on 12mtr. the band i still miss.
Sept-03 N7TX Very nice site, and especially nice to be able to look up my call in your logs. This is a great way for you guys to avoid “insurance” QSO’s! 73
Sept-03 N5XZ Great to work y’all on two bands. Keep up the good work!
Sept-03 IT9ZYT very nice site, and very useful. hope to meet you on the air… ciao, peppe it9zyt.
Sept-02 DL8ZAW Hi, happy to see such a web-page in addition to the super dx-pedition. Log-search helps a lot – just to be 100% sure that there was no mistake with the callsign, etc. Very glad to find me severalt times in the log…hi TNX for the new band-points! Do You plan anything for the next year ??? 73, gd DX, Frank, DL8ZAW
Sept-02 AA8XP You have a class operation. Well done. I especially enjoyed your homepage and the ability to check you log.
Sept-02 WU1F Great Operation from J6 and 9Y TU for 9Y on RTTY a new one for me Best 73’s / DX de Joel WU1F CQ CQ RS12 ??
Sept-02 DL4OCM Hello thanks for 9Y on 30m new BP ! i try some more times on 20 15 and 40 bud to much takers i have no luck .. bud next time i do it again 73 de Thomas
Sept-02 W9YSX Good op guys. See you on 80 and 160!
Sept-02 G4JFS Nice page. Nice Graphics. I’ll be looking out for you on Tobago – hopefully another new one for me! 73
Sept-02 NL-11449 Hi there, Just watching your pages. I didn’t know that you were in this period at J6 – 9Y4. Thought it was later this year. Not much time to listen around due to busy at the company. Anyway, good luck with all. Maybe see you next time again at PI4COM. 73′ de Robert
Sept-02 DF2SS I will go to St. Lucia in December and would like to talk to you via e-mail or phone!!!! Sure you have some hints. Please some information how to get in contact. Thanks N.B. Was FH/DF2ss some weeks ago with big success!
Sept-02 UT5UPA Hi Alex! Nice page and nice service for log’s ( but I don’t work with J6/*, may be, with 9Y4 land ).Not easy with multi- band Windom and 100 wt. I will look for for your operating on all band. Best wishes from Ukraine. 73! de Vitaly.
Sept-02 OH2TA/OH0TA Haven’t worked you yet, but thats because I haven’t been an air.. Need you still on 40 m. 73’s de Pekka OH2TA
Sept-02 SM0DTK Thanks for QSO from 9Y4 on 40 mtrs! Nice pictures from a nice part of the world! GL! 73 de SM0DTK/Martin
Sept-02 AC5IR Booming signal into Texas this afternoon. Thx for the 9Y! Will look for you on the other bands.
Sept-02 N7WO Thanks for another great home page as usual. Nice to work the guys from J6 and looking forward to 9Y. Also thanks for giving us non-JAVA types the ability to check the dupe logs. Hope the tour guys are managing to keep warm and dry!!
Sept-01 9Y4SF I was not successful in hearing you from St.Lucia. I will be listening for your operation from Tobago. Best 73 to the Crew.
Sept-01 K6PHE Good DXing I will be looking for you, 73 Bob
Sept-01 DL6KVA Many thanks for the great job the op-team and the web-team are doing. Just a fun to work You from J6 and 9Y4 again. 73 & gl Axel
Sept-01 EA8AKN Alex: Very, very nice indeed your site. CONGRATULATIONS!!
Sept-01 ON4ZD Glad to meet you on differents bands and thanks for the good operation from your Carribbean tour. Will try to contact on other band before you returning. Best 73’s
Sept-01 W6ZX Het is erg jammer dat ik geen JAVA program heb,ik ben benieuwd hoeveel amateurs did ook niet hebben. Het is erg leuk als ik een oproep maak naar J6 of 9Y /PA en de operator komt terug met hi Alex je bent 599 in de Hollandse taal,dat doet me altijd goed. Als ik weer naar Holland kom dan zo ik graag deze amateurs willen ontmoeten,Ben pas in Junie in Holland geweest dus het zal wel even duren voordat ik weer kom. Hartelijke groeten . de Alex…W6ZX.
August-31 PA3GAN COMMENTS:groetjes
August-31 DL2HRF COMMENTS: Hello friends! Nice working you again from one of you tours, always a pleasure to work you,hope I can make it from 9Y too as I need it on WARC! By the way still wait for VP5 cards from 1995, but may be they are still in the bureau! 73s Tom ( DMH: Tom, please be ensured that all buro QSL for VP5 is answered already for some time)
August-30 DL4OCM Hello nice work now my QSO s ok also 80m! J6 was new for me on 15 17 30 80 and RTTY Thanks a lot for the BP hear you from 9Y and i will get up early for work us specialy! 73 de Thomas
August-30 N2KJM Guys, this site is great. Really nice to see the living condx you struggle with! and love being able to check the logs. Definitely added to my fun of working you. Hope you had an awesome trip. Thanks for the Q’s! 73, John … N2KJM
August-29 LU9AWM Alex, I do not know if I will manage to contact the team, but I will sure say you are the most cooperative DX pedition I have seen so far. I will be QAP on 28,320 during the weekend. Hope conditions improve and you guys manage to make a LOT of contacts ! 73, Thanks a lot.
August-28 LU9AWM I tried to contact J6 on 10 during last weekend and missed them by minutes. PLS is it possible to arrange a sked on 28,920 Saturday 30 at 19:00Z if it is possible. Other LU stations have made the contact so it should be an easy shot !. I would truly be happy to make the conatct both in J6 and 9Y. I will be listening ! Best regards,
August-28 DL4OCM Hello thanks for look to my 80m qso DL4MCM thats me to 99% .. i use only a dipol 32m long on 80m and 100w ,maby i try again this night bud not easy! on 160 i get with this ant. nothing.. by the way i get this month D25L QSL via B thanks ..J6 RTTY is ok thats nice good work ! gives greetings to the guy s ! 73 de Thomas
August-28 HB9HFN This site is really superb. Great job! I could check my qso on the fly… Good luck to all operators, 73
August-28 Jan I’am not really interessested in your hobby, but I like this page, specially the way its been created!
August-28 K8GO Thanks for the QSOs.I appreciate the efforts. Hope you have fun and have good weather.
August-28 KI6T Hi Alex, worked the boys on 30 meters last night at 0000. BPP was on later, about 0230 with a much better signal into west coast. Got em now on 30 and 17. Too bad 12 isn’t really open yet. Gary, KI6T.
August-28 W2GG Is there any window for 40 SSB operation to the US? About what frequency? I’ve been listening nightly and have not hear them on. It’s the last band/mode that I need J6. 73, Bob – W2GG
August-28 DF3CB Hi Alex, thanks very much for the great information service of the J6 Expedition and that super-super-super-homepage! I’m happy now because I worked them on 160 this morning for my last band and it’s good to see such a very quick log check. Now waiting for 9Y on 160m and 15m (no 9Y QSL yet on 15). My compliments to the Caribbean team! 73, Ben.
August-28 DK2GZ There is may be a mistake in the log, DK2MZ on 12 meter, seemed to be me,remember “dah dah” versus “dah dah dit”. Anyway have fun. 73 de Harry
August-28 DL4OCM Hello nice operation .. i get some new BP. i use search log and find 5 entries bud i have 2 more 80m cw 26.8 4.53 EWP 27.8 3:55 ERC 80 was very weak and to fast in cw qsb! yesterday i get also RTTY .. thanks a lot for new on .. get you from 9Y also with new BP 73 de Thomas ..
August-28 K4MA Give some way of turning the music off! (DMH: That is a standard WIN95 option…..)
August-28 K7LUH #1: i’ve been chasing you fellows around the bands for days now. Just missed you on 40 cw Tuesday night. Just as I finished tuning up, the op QSY’d somewhere else and I couldn’t figure out where. Heard you working JAs on 18 about 10:00 z Wednesday but your sig was not even S1 here. The JAs were pretty loud though. I would like to make a sked for 40 ssb but don’t know about propagation or your frequency. Conditions are still pretty bad here in MT but I need J6 for a new one so I’ll try anything. I’m leaving Saturday am. I’ll be around tonight (Wednesday) and Thursday and Friday from about 0100 z to 0500z. I have a KW and 3 el 40 mtr beam so we should be able to work if you find the time to try. I may be sending the sked request to the wrong e.malil so I’ll check your webpage to see if such requests should be sent to a different e.mail address. If so, I send one there too. Anyway, I hope you’re having fun apart from the hamming. The pictures look great. 73, Lynn K7LUH
#2: Thanks guys. Just worked you on both 10 mhz and 14 mhz within 15 minutes. Sig on 10 was pretty lite but the 20 mtr signal was building up to S9 by 12:14z. That was the strongest I’ve heard you in Montana. Now… looking for you on 40 and 80. Operating technique on SSB smooth and friendly. Thanks much for the new one.
August-27 PA3DSB Nice Pages Alex, Just wondering how my collegue Ronald is doiing during his hollidays. We would like to see him back you know… Take care you guys!
August-27 N8DXR Thanks for working me tonight on 20m…any way your group can come up to the 3.905 Century Club Net and work our members up there…nets are on 40m and 80m, please let me know if you need more info…
August-27 W7KEU Alex, I find in checking my logs, I work 40M starting at the earliest 2300Z and to as long as 0900Z. My QTH is Kansas, quite near the center of the USA. 73 Keith W7KEU I also need some 75M SSB contacts too
August-27 KI6T Saw a callout for the boys at about 0230 last night but they were on 160. Did not see anything else all evening. They were on 30 meters around 2230 but I could not hear them in W6-land at that time. A W5 said they were 539 so I don’t feel bad. Will continue looking. Gary, KI6T
August-27 WA4SFF What time and frequency will you be on 40Met on the 28th? I will not be in tonight until after 0300Z from class. Roy
August-27 W1TO Hope to see on other bands. 40 SSB should be good just after dark and into the evening
August-27 PA3FQA Ik heb Rob, PA3ERC van morgen op 80 gewerkt in CW hij was 579 hier rond 0400z. Even later zat hij op 40 meter CW, daar was hij 599. Heel goeie signalen op de banden van 15-80 waar ik ze tot nu toe gewerkt heb. Ik zit dus eigenlijk op RTTY te wachten. Want ik heb J6 al op 8 banden. 40 meter SSB zo rond 0400-0500z zou wel leuk zijn in plaats van 0200z. Want dan lig ik lekker te slapen hoor. 73 de Dick.
August-27 PA3CSR Bekend, helaas kan ik niet zien of ik in het log sta, Java browser wat is dat??
Komplimenten voor de goede web -site.
August-27 KA3TGY Nice operation. If you get a chance, try getting on the RS-12 satelitte. Have J6 elsewhere (except 6). Cu on 9Y. 73 – Leo – KA3TGY
August-27 YV1DIG I hope to have the luck for 10 & 12 meters contacts, try to set a time for us, the skip is is too short but possible. Also i wonder if could arrange a schedule for RS-12 K mode ?  MAybe tomorrow between 2235 and 2241 Z  uplink 21240 downlink 29440 … best 73  Paolo
August-27 4F3CV Hello,  I REALLY need these two countries on CW. Could we set up any sked? If you turn the ant to Asia there will be  tons of JA and it will be very hard to get through for me. It should work well both on 40 M (around ur sunrise) and 20.
Thanks for let me know and best 73s
August-26 JY9QJ Hi Alex, I hear them every morning 80 CW but only after my sunrise which is 0308 at the moment. So I could not get through sofar. Maybe they could come up a bit earlier on 80 CW. Thanks for your help. 73, George JY9QJ
August-26 K7JJ Very interesting and well thought out page. Thanks for all the information. I hope I can work you.
August-26 K7XU I like the idea of your homepage and i’ll keep a look out for you. Good luck and have a pleasant time. And PS. an operating schedule would be nice.
August-27 K4QD I checked out your nice web site.  When working as KG4QD I found that
the evenings were good to work stateside. Anytime after 2300 local
should be good.   I have worked US on CW, split SSB and direct SSB in US
part of band, as well as RTTY.  From your locations I think that RTTY
should also be in good demand.  Good luck, Best 73 and enjoy the DX!
Jan  K4QD  (KG4QD)
August-26 N8DXR Hey, come on to the 3.905 Century Club Net and you WILL be VERY
welcome!! Get back to me if you are interested further…  N8DXR  Tom in mI
August-26 K6ICS I have placed a hot button on my home page linking to your home page.  Please come visit when you can.  73,   Mike, K6ICS
August-26 W2GG Any time from about an hour before their sunset on should be OK on 40 m to
the East Coast USA (and Europe also).  40 was hot last night with good
propagation to eastern EU and Middle East from 00 Z until at least 04 Z.
Just let us know what frequency they prefer on SSB.
As usual they are doing a wonderful job.  The contacts with them on 12 m were
new ones for me.  My thanks! 73, Bob – W2GG
August-26 WA4SFF havent read the entire thing yet but will lyou do any RTTY?
August-26 DF3CB Great homepage!  I appreaciate the log search.
Need J6 and 9Y on 160…  Goodluck!
August-26 KB2OGI Hello Alex! I just a few moments ago worked J6/PA3EWP on 20 Metre RTTY! Tell the fellows it’s OKAY to go sightseeing now HI HI!
Thanks for your help,73 es dx     Michael O’Kane
August-26 N8SM/J68AG You have found one of the best ham locations in the world and my personnal favorite. The SouthWest Ohio DXA have logged well over 100,000 QSOs during our J6DX expeditions and this the winning MS site of the 1993 & 1996 CQWW. Send my greetings to Lydia & Francesca. Hope you enjoy J6 as much as I have!
August-26 WU1F Wonderful job on the 1997 tour both by you and the team ….. you should get an award for your support of the team and an award for a great web site design. de Joel WU1F
August-26 OH3ES Looking for you on 160m !!
August-26 DK2GZ Hope I am on 12 in the log, the only band i need J6 in CW, except 160 of course
August-26 KB2OGI I hope the guy’s are having fun on St. Lucia, it’s a beautiful island they should take some time and explore a little, but first they have to work ME on RTTY! HI HI. Are they planning to operate RTTY anytime soon? All the best, 73 es dx.
August-26 G4ZFE Super site. I’m honoured that you’re using my log search applet for the daily logs from this DX-pedition 🙂
The WARC band pileups have been impressive!! 73 es gl de Rich, G4ZFE
August-26 K6UR Have fun but watch September for hurricanes!
August-25 KI6T Need you on 10 Mhz. 01-0300?? Page is neat–love the music.Thanks for 17meter QSO.
August-25 OH2VZ Thanks for QSOs. Some days ago I arrived to the 80 m around 0300 UTC when PA3ERC just said that he will QSY to 160 m. Sorry, I did miss the 80 m QSO. 73 es GL!CUL! Pertti/OH2VZ
August-25 K0MP & W0NF Have a great Tour and thanks for the new one for both of us!!
August-24 DL4OCM Hei nice webside! very great i just worked the guys from J6 on 20 and 17 cw .. 17 new BP! 73 de Thomas
August-24 G0OYQ a
August-24 DK8EL hope to wrk you tmrw on the bands.. 73 es gl de tom, dk8el
August-24 SM3BCS Tks for an excellent operation. Always nice and easy to QSO with you. 73/Gus
August-24 PA0EHF Antenne 3m draad langs hengel, maar wel 35 meter hoog. Antwoord van Rob J6/PA3ERC bij eerste call. Fb. nieuw land op 17m. Ik heb Rob op de OH2BUA cluster gezet om de pile-up nog wat op te hogen.
August-23 K5LH Worked you last night on 40 and this morning on 17 meters. Solid signal into Texas and fine operator skills. Will try to give you a call on other bands if and when I hear you. Enjoy the expedition. Chris (K5LH/DK5LH)
August-23 OH2NAG Good luck for U. Hope to catch u rtty and warc bands also on low-bands.
Enjoy Your tour. 73. Pekka OH2NAG
August-22 PA3ERL De pagina van de tour ziet er weer prachtig uit ! Groeten Theo PA3ERL
August-22 SM4AZQ Good luck !  Need you on 80 so will sure be looking for you.
Enjoy your tour, don t forget that life is not only radio…!
August-22 DK6WL Good luck and see you on the low bands.
August-22 K7LUH Wish you the best of DX vacations.  Will be looking you on all bands.  Need J6 for a new one on any band.  Been looking for J6 for lots of years.  Worked one years ago but no luck with QSL.            73, Lynn  K7LUH
August-21 WA1CFT I have posted a link to your Web Page (Caribbean Tour 1997) at the DX Hound’s Cross Roads.  It will appear in the next upload. Please check and make sure comments and links are correct.  Best regards.   Richard, WA1CFT
August-20 PE1PNA Suc7 !!!!!!!!!!
August-20 W4YDD hope to cu 160..72, paul
August-20 AA9RR Real nice WEB-SITE, I hope to see you on the bands!
August-20 W2VGW Hope 12 meters opens!
August-18 DL6LAU Hi,  I am one of the 1997 J75T gang….
Wish you good luck and I will contact you after your expedition because I would like to get some informations about 9Y4 (thinking of operate from there next year…)
Take care, have fun, ….. 🙂
August-18 PA/DF8MQ I will try to listen to the qso’s on 40m….  (10m wire vertical in the garden and old R4A receiver from Drake…..)  Sorry but not QRV yet…
August-18 KJ4UY Linked your page twice on mine under Future DXpeditions.  Please check it out.
August-17 KN6WV Very nice page.  Hope you Have as much fun as last year.  We’ll be listening for you.  If you need any help with condx or reportsd from west coast of US let me know..Good dx and best 73’s…John
August-15 EA5FKI Only to wish gud luck. I hope to work you on RTTY.  73 DX
August-13 LU9AWM PLS don’t forget LU stations specially on 10 meters !  LU authorized frecuencies for novices on 10 are:  28.3-28.35 MHz. and 28.9-29.3 MHz. You will surely make a LOT of contacts over here !  Good Luck. Anyway…if luck does not show up..Santa Lucia and Tobago will let you forget your pains ! 🙂  73, I hope to be on your log.
August-12 NL9447 Good luck on your expedition, see you soon
August-11 WU1F Looking forward to working you on all bands and modes including RS12 ….
August-11 KC8CY Good looking page guys. Looking forward to your operation. The very best of luck.
August-11 KB2OGI A very nice page I look forward to working you all! 73 and have fun on the tour!
August-11 UA3AB I wish you good luck and hope to work you on 160 and WARC. 73, Andy
August-10 JH0BQX I hope to meet you on the air. 73!
August-10 W6ZX Het is altijd leuk on een Pa-station te werken waar dan ook in de wereld.Ex Hollander,geb:1928 in Den Bosch,leuk jullie ontmoet te hebben in Friedrichshafen dit jaar.Zou leuk zijn als ik (wij) al te comments konden lezen,en ook de email adressen. Misschien kunnen jullie daar nog eens aan doen zodat wij die kunnen lezen.Hartelijke groeten van uit California. ”73 ES DX….ALEX….W6ZX….EX:WB6AFJ EN ANDERE.
August-9 DL6ET Good luck..will look for you guys on the Low bands !! 73/Mirko
August-9 N0IU looking forward to working you!


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