2010 – MJ – Jersey (British Channel Islands) IOTA EU-013

In 2010 the LLDXT visited Jersey for the first time. LLDXT members were accompanied by Tom GM4FDM and Gordon GJ3USR, both long time friends from the team.

Main goal set for this trip was to activate Jersey on 50 Mhz for the USA. A fully equipped station was exclusively allocated to 6 meters signing GJ4FDM was manned by the team around the clock. later in the week this worked out as two evenings the band opened and many USA station made in in the log.

On all other bands (160 –> 2 meters) 5 stations were activated in a wide variation of modes, providing a lot of stations with new ones.

Onfortunately the original website was lossed but we gladly share the pictures and movies with you:

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