A few steps closer to MJ2017

Since the plan was born several steps were taken to get MJ2017 on the road:

  • Ferry was booked – 2 cars so plenty of room for radio’s and antenna’s
  • Hotel was booked – Looking forward to our return to Kelly at the Harbour View (http://www.harbourviewjersey.com/ )
  • Equipment and antenna plan was made to enable presence on any band any time.
    • The team plans to be QRV 160 upto 2 meters in any mode requested.

Before we know it it will be May 5th, less then 2 months to go.

Please feel free to contact the team for any requests for band and/or modes to be activated. We are open for any sked or experiment.

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A new LLDXT Website was born

As a result of miscommunication our old website www.lldxt.nl went lost. To ensure our presence on the Web we decided to “move houses” to WWW.LLDXT.EU.

This site will soon host all LLDXT activities since 1994, and apart from that it will be fully functional for upcoming events with LLDXT involment.

The Low Land DXpedition Team consists of a number of Ham-radio operators from the “Low Lands”  [The Netherlands] who enjoy the combination of Ham-Radio and vacation.  Since the first trip to HBØ back in 1994 a wide variaty of locations were visited by LLDXT members, varying from LX Luxembourg to T33 Banaba Island.  On this website we try to share our memories to passed DXpeditions and also our upcoming events.

We hope you will enjoy this website and please feel free to comment….

73  the Low Land DX Team

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