Back home

We safely returned home and look back to a very pleasant and succesfull week of activity from Jersey EU-013.

Our goal was to provide as many as possible “bandpoints” to those needing the Jersey DXCC on any band or mode. With over 15000 QSO’s in our logs we certainly did where we came for, and apart from that we also had a super week. We like to thank you all for this.

A special THANK YOU for the members of the Jersey Amateur Radio Society who gave us a warm welcome and were there to support us. In that we respect we especially like to name Mat MJ0ASP, Phil GJ4BCQ and Steve MJ0ULE.

When back home the mailman already brought us many QSL requests, and the same happened on the Clublog OQRS. QSL is currently being printed and we expect to start sending out cards in a few weeks.


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