5th Day in MJ…. May 9, 2017

A bit later the daily update for May 9th. . No internet access makes it hard to update the website unfortunately.

Today we could concentrate on the radio. May 9 is a public holiday in Jersey. Liberation Day, celebrating the end of worldwar 2 for Jersey means no shopping or other inconvenience keeping us from the radio  🙂

Alex PA1AW again started on 2m MS but around midday no power from the amplifier. As we had problems before the initial checks were doen but soon it was clear that there was no high voltage so the problem needed further attention. After a close look the verdict was clear: the amp was silent key. The running qso with SM6CEN was succesfully completed with only 100W but took a bit longer….. 🙁

On the other bands the interference between the station was the only issue we had. Choosing the right antenna combinations to maximize results and minimize interference becomes part of the daily routine. Unfortunately not all bands can get the attention they might need because of this issue but we try hard to work around it.

The 6m antenna netted 6 qso’s with no propagation at all. Unfortunately but we knew we were early in the season this time. We at least gave a few neighbouring F stations new mode qso’s on 6m  🙂

In the evening special attention was given to 60 and 160m upon request. We think this special attention payed of and the pile-ups we serious by times. Same on 20 and 40 were the band opened very well to North America. Many stations made it in the logs.

Now the qso numbers are:

MJ/PA1AW 1,956
MJ/PA3EWP 2,973
MJ/PA9JO 3,817
MJ/PB5X 4,599
Total 13,345

More statistisc will follow shortly.

Some pictures to tell the day in:

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